Exceptional Search Capabilities

With terabytes of data getting created everyday within an organization, fast and accurate search is critical to any agile team. Law Share offers advanced search capabilities that ensure quick access.

Law Share comes with built-in search features that allow users to search files through variety of ways. Users can search using simple keywords to complex Regular Expression (Regex), from filename to content within a file.

Search – File/folder names

Users can search for files/folders by

  • File Name
  • Data Range
  • Size Range
  • Using Regular Expression (Regex), for e.g ‘Agree*’

Full Text Search (Content Search)

Law Share offers full text search that enables users to search through content inside the files. Users can search for specific text with in txt, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx files.

Indexing for Super-fast Search

Instead of parsing through all the files in the server for every search, Law Shareindexes all files in advance. Using the index, Law Sharecan search files much faster and efficiently.