Law Share Key Features

Key Features Included in Price
File Sync, Share and Backup Features
Desktop Sync – Cross Platform(Windows, Mac, Linux) yes
Mount/Mapped Drive yes
Public, Private and Time Limited Shares yes
Granular Controls for Folders yes
Free, Unlimited Client accounts yes
Document Quick Edit yes
Document Preview yes
Drag/Drop Upload yes
Multi-file Download as Zip yes
Embedded File Upload Form yes
File/Folder Search yes
File Comments/Activity Stream yes
Large File Support, Max file size yes
Endpoint Backup (Multiple folders) yes
Content Search yes
File Versioning
Network Folder Versioning yes
Real time Network Share Sync yes
Per User Storage Limits yes
Mobile Features
Mobile Apps
iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Secure Mobile Access and Sharing
Direct Mobile document editing via 3rd party apps yes
Microsoft Office Mobile apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) integration yes
iOS, Android Media backup yes
Integrate – Existing Home Directories yes
NTFS Support yes
Network Share Support (CIFS, SAMBA and NFS) yes
Active Directory Support yes
Multiple Active Directory yes
Network Share File Versioning yes
Outlook Integration yes
Add-ons for Microsoft Office yes
Edit Documents Within Browser yes
Chrome Extensions yes
Custom Workflow (‘If this, then that’ Steps) yes
Security and Access Control
File Locking yes
Single Sign-On, NTLM SSO yes
SAML 2.0 and ADFS Support yes
Two factor Authentication yes
Anti-Ransomware yes
Anti-Virus Scanning yes
Passcode Enforcement for Mobile Apps yes
FIPS 140-2 Data At Rest Encryption (256-bit AES) yes
Customer Managed Encryption Keys yes
Admin and Audit Tools
Admin Dashboard yes
User/Group/File Shares Management yes
Mobile Device Inventory yes
Block Devices yes
Remote Data Wipe (Mobile, Clients) yes
Notification to Devices yes
File Analytics and Reports yes
Custom domain and mail server yes
File Locks Management yes
Deleted Files Retention Policy yes
Mobile Application Policy (Open, Edit, Print and Download) yes
Comprehensive Usage, Access and Share Stats yes
Audit Reports yes
Role Based Administration yes

Law Share Features & Pricing

Pick Your Users Pick Your Storage
(Price per user)  (Shared across plan)
1-30 $96yr / $8mo 250gb $300yr / $25mo
31-65 $72yr / $6mo 500gb $480yr / $40mo
66-110 $48yr / $4mo 750gb $540yr / $45mo
111+ $36yr / $3mo 1TB $600yr / $50mo
Over 1TB calculated as $480 per year / $40 per month per TB.

Compare Us

High Level comparison between CJIS Solutions Law Share vs Non-Compliant Options

30 Users / 2 TB

CJIS Solutions Per Year = $4,080.00 (Unlimited features)
DropBox Per Year = $4,500.00 (with limited features) Per Year = $5,400.00 (with limited features)
Microsoft One Drive Per Year = $3,600 (with limited features)

30 Users / 5 TB

CJIS Solutions Per Year = $5,880.00 (Unlimited features)
DropBox Per Year = $7,200.00 (Unlimited features) Per Year = $Quote only (Unlimited features)
Microsoft One Drive Per Year = $3,600 (with limited features)

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