CJIS Compliant File Sharing has Arrived!

CJIS Compliant file sharing is now made possible with the Law Share File Sharing system powered by CJIS Solutions. Law enforcement agencies as well as prosecutor and district attorney offices are faced with an increasing demand for digital files and evidence.  Organizing, saving, accessing, moving, and disseminating these files is a daunting task.  Trying to do it while maintaining CJIS compliance is even harder.

Law Share File Sharing from CJIS Solutions is the CJIS compliant answer to document management and sharing.  Finally, a solution that’s easy to use, secure, and designed for law enforcement purposes.

Here are just some of the ways that Law Share will revolutionize how you do business:

  • Share documents between agencies and prosecuting / district attorneys with just a click
  • Upload documents from the field with included mobile apps
  • Use Law Share as an actual drive on your computer without having to store the actual file locally
  • Create download-only links you can share for public record and discovery requests
  • Create temporary folders to receive documents from the public if needed
  • Could easily be a file server for agencies with limited infrastructure
  • Antivirus scans of files
  • Ransomware protection
  • Data Backup of the files included
  • Unlimited file versioning included
  • File locks prevents files from being edited
  • Web editing of documents
  • Extensive user access controls for administrators
  • Detailed audit capabilities track everything for you
  • Active Directory Integration
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Mobile protection with remote wipe and file deletion
  • Flexible plans that are budget friendly

FIPS 140-2 Encryption and 2 Factor Authentication keeps your safe and compliant!

Law Enforcement Agencies

Officers and command staff have a lot of responsibilities and most of us applaud anything that makes our job easier.  Law Share File Sharing does just that.  Stop burning CDs/DVDs for discovery or printing out packages for the mail.  Simple to use download-only links can be sent to your attorneys so they can click and download the discovery packages with ease.  Audit tracking even shows they downloaded it so there’s no contest in court when they claim it wasn’t received.

Have your officers upload documents or even camera phone pictures right from the field right to dedicated shared folders with your staff so there’s not waiting for digital evidence until the end of the tour. The solution is COP FRIENDLY so even the most non-technical officer will be able to use it.

Prosecutors / District Attorneys

Receiving files from the agencies you represent and doing it in a timely fashion is an issue no matter where in the country you are.  Case files are larger and officers have more to do to prepare them. Law Share streamlines that process to such a degree that it will revolutionize how your office handles case management with its agencies.  Simply give every agency their own upload folder and as soon as they drop the files in moments later they’ll be in your control.

Budget friendly plans allow you to have many users with less storage for those agencies who wish to use the system as a temporary document location before moving to long term internal storage.

Law Share CJIS Compliant File Sharing

Securely access your agency’s data from anywhere using any mobile device – without a VPN. Law Share offers multiple ways to access your organization’s files securely: Web access, Desktop Sync, Virtual Drive, Mobile Apps, WebDAV and more.

Law Share Sync

Effortless File synchronization across computers running Windows, Mac, Linux and even NAS devices. Law Share is one of the few products that enable real-time sync across network folders. Learn more about Sync

Law Share Drive

Automatically makes your remote Law Share server files available as if they were stored on your local drive without actually storing them on the local disk! Drive fetches remote files on-demand and doesn’t retain offline copies. Great for highly regulated industries (finance, healthcare) with terminal server infrastructure. Learn more about Drive

Full Text Search (Content Search)

Users can search for text within the content of files. Supports content search on txt, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx files. Learn more about FileCloud search capabilities

Remote Access

Securely access your enterprise data from anywhere using any mobile device – without a VPN. Law Share offers multiple ways to access your organization’s files securely: Web access, Desktop Sync, Virtual Drive, Mobile Apps, WebDAV and more

Powerful Controls

Limit the maximum number of downloads for a shared file, automatically expire a share after a certain time, anonymous file uploads, prevent downloads, and integrate file uploads with your website and more.


Built-in Document Preview and Quick Editing of Documents from the web browser simplify collaboration. Add comments to files to keep everyone in the loop. Lock (check-out) files while editing to prevent unexpected overwrites.


Changes to shared folders like uploads or file changes are sent as notifications via email to everyone connected to the share. Activity Streams for every folder allows users to review and view all changes that happened to a folder or a file over time.

Mobile Apps

Every Platform

Law Share apps are available for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android Phones, Android Tablets, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry and Law Share Modern Windows 8 App (Microsoft Surface).

Mobile Policy Support

Mobile experience and features can be enabled or disabled by the administrator globally and overridden on a user by user basis.

Access from Other Apps

Open and edit remote files using third party apps on your device. Save files and upload them back to your remote server. Also, share uploaded files via link or email attachment.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Office

Outlook & Office Add-ons

Instead of attaching large files in emails, Law Share Outlook add-on automatically uploads large files to Law Share and creates a link for easy sharing. With our add-ons for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you can open and edit remote documents within Office apps.

Office Mobile Apps

Microsoft Office Mobile apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) on iOS and Android can directly open/edit/save files stored in Law Share server.

Integrate with Existing file shares and Identity systems

Provide remote access to your existing Windows and Network Folder shares with no changes to your existing agency’s processes.


Allow your existing Active Directory users to use Law Share using their existing credentials. Law Share supports multiple Active Directory servers, Mixed Domain Active Directory (Hosted AD), and Single Sign-On (SSO) using NTLM SSO, SAML and ADFS.

Network Folders and Home Directories

Bring secure remote and VPN-less access to existing network folders and user home directories. Users can also share and offline sync files in network folders. Smart Mount of network folders allows configuring 1000s of individual folders quickly via the admin portal.

NTFS Permissions

Law Share supports reading existing Microsoft NTFS permissions on network folders and applying them to user access. There is no need to recreate access privileges in Law Share.

File Analytics and Reports

Law Share has a built-in ‘business intelligence layer’ that provides insights on your agency’s users and your collaborative process, e.g. usage trends, access by geo, storage usage and content mix etc.

Usage Trends

You can gather insights on peak usage time across the last week or 6 months to plan your workload processes. You can track system usage by popular Law Share applications (sync, drive, mobile apps) or OS.

Mix of Content

You can get a perspective on what type of content your users are creating and sharing. For instance, the dashboard can quickly give you a distribution of your files by type (images, videos, pptx, xlsx).

Security – Access by Geo IP

Your administrators can quickly spot any abnormal behaviors caused by a potential security breach, e.g. unexpected usage activity from a remote location across the country.

Endpoint Backup

Data loss is detrimental on so many levels. Law Share addresses requirements by offering law enforcement the right tools to protect data across all platforms and devices.

Desktop and Mobile Backup

Secure backup and restore across all platforms (Win, Mac, Linux) and devices (Desktops and Smartphones). Automatically backup media files from iOS and Android devices to Law Share.

Unlimited File Versioning

Automatically stores versions files as they change, making it easy to get back to a previous version. Administrators have full control of number of versions to keep.

Recover Deleted Files

Recycle bin support allows deleted files and folders to be recovered by users or admins quickly and effectively. Even deleted files from network folders can be restored.

Data leak prevention

When sensitive business data gets in the wrong hands, it can cause irreparable damage to your business reputation and key operations. Law Share’s unique capabilities to monitor, prevent, and fix data leakage assure corporate data is protected across all your devices (Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones and Tablets).

Remote Wipe

If one of your users was to lose a mobile device, the admin can remotely wipe the Law Share data off that device, protecting confidential files.

Audit Log

Activity logs capture the What, When, Who and How attributes of every user action within the system. Your admins can easily filter logs and identify problems.

Block devices, clients

In case of any suspicious activity, admins can selectively block devices, clients (e.g sync) or permanently remove users from accessing the system.


With 100% CJIS Compliant solution, CJIS Solutions’ Law Share takes security seriously and provides all the tools and FIPS 140-2 encryption methods and industry standards to transfer and store your data securely.

Two-Factor Authentication

Law Share includes 2 Factor Authentication by sending One Time Passcodes direct to your email or device so you can comply with the CJIS Security Policy.

Antivirus Scanning

Law Share comes integrated with AV scanning so uploaded files are scanned automatically and any malicious files are removed.

Ransomware Protection

Law Share offers an industry-first heuristic engine to detect ransomware. Law Share offers features to help enterprises develop effective strategies to counter ransomware. Details on ransomware protection

Unlimited, Free Client Accounts

Offers Limited (web only) user accounts for secure file sharing with external recipients FREE OF COST. That means you can send download links to attorneys and members of the public making open record or discovery requests and not pay anything extra!

Simplified File Sharing

Avoids multiple file shares and passwords. Allows agencies and their recipients to access all their files in one place.

Complete Audit Trail

Compared to password protected shares, the Limited client accounts provide complete audit trail of who accessed what and when. This will help when proving that the recipient did receive the documents.

Huge Savings

Law Share doesn’t charge for external client accounts. You can create unlimited client user accounts at no additional cost. This is perfect for discovery or public record download only users.