Secure Email Hosting

Law Enforcement agencies across the Country were never allowed to publicly host their law enforcement data and E-Mail is no exception. Up until now, the only way to truly meet CJIS compliance was to host your own, in-house E-Mail server. However, the costs of equipment ownership, certificates, email & server software licensing, antivirus/spyware licensing, maintenance and management all add up. Then throw in down time, and replacement costs after a few years and you’re doing this all over again.

At CJIS Solutions, we offer a simple, effective solution that will meet all of your needs at the fraction of the cost of owning an in house system. We’ll include E-Mail, Calendar, and Contact syncing across all devices. Outlook, Web, and phone access. Best in the business AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, AntiSpam and top level support are all included.

Finally, there’s no need to budget for larger expenses such as servers, operating system licenses, and management. Your E-Mail will be hosted in our CJIS compliant secure data centers and give you 100% Mission Critical – High Availability uptime. With 10gb of included mailbox storage and advanced plans of 25gb with advanced archiving features, you’ll be able to meet any records retention policy easily and cost effectively. On average, the cost of hosting is similar to replacing your email server every 6-7 years but without the headaches of supporting one.

Email Encryption for Privacy and Compliance So now that you’re hosting, why do you need E-Mail encryption? Hosting in our environment protects your emails from being on a public server and hacking. It also meets the requirement that law enforcement data not be co-mingled or stored on hardware that non-law enforcement data also resides. With E-Mail Encryption, you’ll also be encrypting your email contents at the destination even if the recipient isn’t hosted with us. They’ll receive your E-Mail but can only open it with credentials they set up. They can then view the E-Mail through a web browser on our servers so it can never be disseminated to unauthorized eyes. Adding E-Mail encryption is only another $25.00 per mailbox per year to any plan below.

Why do I need this? This is one of our most common questions and here are several very important reasons:

  1. Until now, the only way to be CJIS compliant was to host your own E-Mail server away from non-law enforcement access. This meant purchasing hardware, power, cooling, server licensing, exchange licensing, antivirus/spam virus licensing, risked based authentication portal for OWA, and then management of it all. Instead, you can host with us and pay a fraction of that. Even more impoprtantly, we are a what is called a "High Availability Environment" which means redudnancy upon redundancy in both connectivity and servers.
  2. Law enforcement sensitive data should never have been transmitted through E-Mail unless you were able to provide the same securities we’re offering. Law enforcement only servers and databases, E-mail Encryption options, and risked based authentication logins. Publicly shared hosting solutions are NOT secure and should never be allowed to transact or store law enforcement data.

Chief Brief:

Product highlights –

  • Mission Critical – High Availability Up time
  • Easy to use, easy to manage
  • Free Trial Available
  • Simple, secure, easy to use management portal
  • MUCH less than owning your own hardware
  • MORE secure than any other hosted option
  • Sync messages, calendars, and contacts across Outlook, Web Access, or portable devices
  • Full message encryption to end users
  • US Based, Fast, Law Enforcement Oriented Support
  • Individual agency databases (No database sharing)
  • All data encrypted at rest
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Management With a simple support ticket, CJIS Solutions’ staff can manage your account for you. Creating, editing, deleting users, Antivirus/Spam adjustments and more; our staff will remove any need for you to worry about emails.
Law Enforcement Terms of Use Our Terms and Use policies are law enforcement specific. Unlike Yahoo, Gmail, or other free email services, our terms are specific to your needs.
Exclusive Law Enforcement Only Servers Also unlike Yahoo, Gmail, or other free email services, your emails are stored on servers exclusively for law enforcement users and never shared with publicly stored data.
Large Mailboxes Each user gets 50 GB of mailbox storage standard.
Outlook Support Users can connect to their copies of Microsoft Outlook 2007 or later to Exchange Online, making it easy for them to use the rich client application they know and use every day.
Synchronized Immediately synchronizes every email, calendar or contact change across the user’s phone, Outlook or Web-Based Access. Unlike website or free based email systems, this is true synchronization.
Web-Based Access For Web-client access, Outlook Web App provides a premium browser-based experience that matches the look and feel of the full Outlook client.
Mobile Capabilities Mobile access is available from all phones capable of receiving e-mail, including Windows Phone, the iPhone, Android devices.
Shared Calendar and Contacts Users can compare calendars to schedule meetings with Exchange Online and have access to collaboration features like shared calendars, groups, global address list, external contacts, tasks, conference rooms, and delegation.
Email Protection Our email security and antispam software protects your account against email-borne viruses and other malware threats and delivers a spam capture rate of over 99%. It filters out spam email, phishing scams and viruses through various security layers, including up to five antivirus scanning engines and multiple anti-spam filtering technologies.
Archiving Automatically archive old messages to a personal email archive to reduce inbox clutter, as well as reduce the liabilities associated with email by applying expiration policies. (Archive Storage needed to meet records retention policies available by quote)
SSL Certificates 256-bit encryption recognized by 99.9% of all web browsers to ensure a secure connection between your browser and our servers. (Premium/Advanced SSL certificates available for additional fees)
UNLIMITED Archiving and Compliance Use legal hold capabilities to immediately preserve deleted and edited mailbox items from users’ primary mailboxes and personal archives.
Pricing (all new accounts – existing accounts on next billing cycle) $60/user/year $96/user/year
Free encryption
Multi-Year invoicing available!

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