Advanced Authentication

CJIS Solutions offers 2 Factor Authentication for agencies who do not want the added expense of owning their own server, managing it, or worrying about upgrades as time goes on. Hosted in our CJIS compliant facility, our 2 Factor Authentication solution meet the needs of the CJIS Security Policy for device security when accessing CJI and PII from a non-secure location.

How does it work?

We provide unlimited agents for free. The agents are custom made for your agency and programmed to contact our CJIS compliant hosted servers for verification. The agents are installed by you on any devices you are looking to secure. Once installed, your user enters their user name, password, 6-digit pin, and then presses the button on the YubiKey device. Once they hit “Enter”, they’re in. With or without the internet, they’ll be able to access their device.

Designed to be “cop simple”, there’s no extra work, hidden costs or fees or expensive and complex back end to software to run.

Our solution can run on or off a domain and on any select amount of devices. Our Soft Tokens work as an app on the user’s phone and our hard tokens come as pre-programmed USB keys that never expire - you never have to renew them, ever.

For our low, per user – per year fee, all the server hosting and support is included. System administrators authorized in your Management Control Agreement will have full access to administer the users on your account. Assign or unassign them from devices, change their info for lost/stolen tokens, or re-assign them when officers leave or join the department.

The CJIS Solutions Difference?

With so many solutions out there, why ours? For one, we use what we sell. All of our staff uses the exact same product to access our own equipment so we know what you’re going through. Secondly, and most importantly, we’re the only CJIS compliant company that hosts the platform leaving you with only the end user devices. You’ll eliminate the need to purchase a server and incur the costly expenses that go along with it.

The solution is simple, easy to use, and very cost effective. The fact that the policy adds a level of necessary inconvenience doesn’t mean the solution should add another level. We keep it easy for you.

Our software token technology turns your Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, Apple iPhone or Google Android into a SoftToken authentication device. It also works on Windows desktops. In combination with our Hosted Strong Authentication Server, we then program a unique 192bit AES key into the phone as well as the USB YubiKey and configure it to produce 8 digit one-time-passwords with each use. This creates a huge keyspace, and with a 4 to 8 digit PIN, produces upwards over a trillion different possibilities… changing EACH time it is used. As a software token, it never expires, and will last as long as your device or desktop does.

Our hardware token technology is based on the industry-proven CryptoCard KT1 and KT4 system which has been used to protect everything from Los Alamos Laboratories, Apple Computers and even Google. It generates a new one-time password each time it is used, and combined with a user’s personal PIN provides for a strong passcode that cannot be forged or ever used twice. Your officers will simply insert the USB key into the computer they need CJIS access on, press the button, and the new one-time password will populate the password box.

Our CryptoCard rolling number hardware tokens are powered by coin-cell batteries that provide 5 to 7 years of service, depending on the number of authentications you perform. (On KT-01 tokens, batteries may be replaced as required to extend the service life of the token) Most other providers have a 3-year life.

Simple Solution – Simple Pricing

Easy to understand pricing that’s low and with no hidden surprises.

Want to remove the annual costs? Multi-year invoicing will give you an advantage by not having to add this into an annual budget. Maybe even include it with capital? Several options are available during the quote process, please feel free to inquire what works best for you.

YubiKey USB Token: $80ea – One Time Non-Expiring Cost (as in never pay again)
Rolling Number KeyFob: $75ea – One Time Non-Expiring Cost (as in never pay again)
SoftToken Phone App: $50ea – One Time Non-Expiring Cost (as in never pay again)
Server/Device Agents: FREE – Unlimited

Subscription Fee

1-100 users: $48 per user per year
Over 100 Users: $36 per user per year
Setup Fee: $3.00 per user One Time never pay again fee.

Once account is set up & deployed, all support & maintenance is included in your annual rate.

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