Announcing Law Share – CJIS Compliant File Sharing Option for Law Enforcement & Prosecutors

It’s Finally Here!

CJIS Solutions, the country’s first CJIS compliant cloud hosting provider for law enforcement agencies and vendors, has introduced Law Share – CJIS Compliant File Sharing.  Law Share brings feature rich capabilities to law enforcement agencies who have an overwhelming need to manage their files and documents.  Every day, agencies are overwhelmed with public record and legal discovery requests.  Strict requirements mandate that police departments respond to these requests in very short time frames.  Law Share File Sharing solves those dilemmas easily, and at budget friendly prices agencies can afford.  Meeting all areas of the CJIS Security Policy, Law Share is hosted securely in the CJIS Solutions’ cloud environment, logically and physically inaccessible by unauthorized persons.

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“Advanced Authentication” Deciphered in the Computer Wizarding World

Written by Chf. Michael J. Coppola – President & Founder – CJIS Solutions

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Advanced Authentication is the requirement in which you must use “Something You Know” (think password here) and “Something You Have” (think something tangible) to access Criminal Justice Information from a computer or portable device like a laptop, phone, or tablet.  However, that is sometimes easier said than understood depending on how your IT network or environment is designed and where you are accessing the information from.  The days of using a simple user name and password are long gone in terms of being secure.

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Data Protection Capital Projects Program Announced!

CJIS Solutions is proud to announce the new Capital Projects Program for data protection clients.  Before, agencies would purchase data backup and disaster recovery protection where the amount of data protected was invoiced on a recurring basis.  Some agencies found this useful however others did not have room in the operational budget for recurring fees.

With the Capital Projects Program from CJIS Solutions, agencies now have the ability to purchase a data protection hardware appliance under a Capital improvement/budget and have FIVE YEARS data protection included, without recurring fees. This gives agencies the upper hand to protect their critical data without sacrificing from their annual operating budget.

To learn more on how this program can work for your agency, visit

Ransomware and Crypto Virus – The Law Enforcement Version

Written by Chf. Michael J. Coppola – President & Founder – CJIS Solutions

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If you’re like most agencies, and even businesses, you’re protecting your data files and network with firewall and antivirus programs.  Should be good, right?  Not the case for my agency and shouldn’t be for yours either.  Following that mentality is a sure fire way to ensure your agency is the next in the news because in today’s digital environment, Ransomware and Crypto Virus is something that affects everyone with a computer and not protected through Firewalls and antivirus programs.

Having an understanding of what Ransomware is, how it works and the tools to prevent it is vital for your agency.

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New CJIS Solutions Website & Pricing Calculators Now Available!

CJIS Solutions, the country’s first CJIS Compliant cloud hosting provider exclusively for law enforcement agencies and vendors, has recently redesigned its public website.  Updates make the website easier to read and navigate. Added products deliver more solutions that law enforcement agencies need every day.  New pricing calculators allow visitors to estimate real time numbers against their cloud computing and cloud storage needs.  Easily calculate your full server specs and storage needs and receive accurate numbers you can budget on.

Visit and see how low pricing from CJIS Solutions rivals the competition.  CJIS Solutions is a law enforcement owned and operated company.

CJIS Solutions Well Received at the 2016 South Carolina SLED CJIS Conference

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CJIS Solutions, the country’s first CJIS Compliant cloud hosting provider exclusively for law enforcement agencies and vendors attended the 2016 South Carolina SLED CJIS Conference held in Myrtle Beach SC this week.  As the Gold Sponsor of the event, CJIS Solutions hosted a one hour long seminar which discussed common issues faced by law enforcement agencies.  Cloud products from CJIS Solutions answered most, if not all, of the issues that agencies need to tackle.  In most cases, removing on premise equipment and going with a CJIS Solutions’ hosted product solved agency dilemmas and saved money in the process.  Over 100 people attended the seminar which was the largest attended event on cloud computing at the conference.  Issues such as user practices, networking and infrastructure security, and keeping up with recent policy changes were highlighted for attendees.  The goal was to bridge the gap in law enforcement between the technicalities of the CJIS Security Policy and the real world IT capabilities.

CJIS Solutions continues to support the clients it serves by forming a relationship with the agency or vendor, ensuring they’re compliant from end to end.  By going beyond a “host and go” model, the end user is not left interpreting current day technology trends and their applicability to the CJIS Security Policy.  Highly trained CJIS Solutions’ personnel guide the end users every step of the way giving them a total, compliant, hosted solution for their agency.

CJIS Security Policy 5.5 Released!

CJIS Security Policy 5.5 Released

Did you know that the FBI has released the Version 5.5 of the CJIS Security Policy last month?  We’re on top of it for you!

Key features law enforcement needs to know:

  • TRAINING: Updated training requirements for persons with access to CJI & physical locations.
  • ADVANCED AUTHENTICATION: Explanation requiring OUT OF BAND 2 Factor Authentication.
  • MOBILE ACCESS: Updated mobile device and mobile device management requirements

Don’t forget! Version 5.4 from the Fall of 2015 added requirements for Unattended Access (Ex: Remote Support).  See our prior posting on this!

For a copy of the policy, visit our link HERE – you’re source for CJIS compliant hosted solutions.

CJIS Security Policy 5.4 is here!

On October 6th, 2015 the FBI released the latest version of the CJIS Security Policy, Version 5.4.  Although most of the changes are cosmetic in nature such as changing the words “police vehicle” to “criminal justice conveyance” and “law enforcement officer” to “criminal justice professional”, there are some areas that are more important.

In the world of virtualization, section and Appendix A have all been updated to give better definitions on the technology including partitioning and operating systems.  Another new addition is section 5.5.6 which covers “virtual escorting”.  Simply put, this is where the responsible person in the law enforcement agency must “escort” remote IT support who is not on site, but using a remote access tool to due their work.

A link to the policy as well as a Summary of Approved Changes can be found at under Compliance Information.

CJIS Solutions Case Study Featured by Telx

CJIS Solutions, the premier CJIS compliant cloud hosting provider for law enforcement agencies and vendors is proud to have a case study done by Telx, the leading data center provider in the United States.  This short video demonstrates how CJIS Solutions is bringing CJIS compliance to the data center.

The full story can be seen here:


CJIS Solutions Data Backup Case Study – Infrascale

CJIS Solutions, the premier provider of CJIS Compliant Hosted Solutions for Law Enforcement, has saved numerous agencies from disaster by protecting their mission critical data. Infrascale’s Data Backup products hosted in our compliant facilities are the go-to source for agencies across the country when they are looking to protect their agencies information. Recently, Infrascale published a Case Study regarding how this relationship has benefited departments with their recent recoveries.

For more information, please view the case study here!