Built from Day 1 around the CJIS Security Policy, CJIS Solutions has been the leader in providing CJIS Compliant cloud hosted products and space for law enforcement.  From raw storage and compute platforms to simple every day products like E-Mail, Data Backup, and 2 Factor Authentication, CJIS Solutions has lead the way and been ahead of the curve.

Law Enforcement-Centric

CJIS Solutions is dedicated to the men and women of law enforcement.  Owned and operated by law enforcement ourselves, CJIS Solutions’ only focus is the law enforcement industry and the CJIS Security Policy.  When partnering with us, you’re not considered just another market in a portfolio because CJIS Compliance and law enforcement is our ONLY portfolio.

Concierge Service

CJIS Solutions does not “host and go” leaving you in the wind to figure it out on your own.  Our experts are here with you to make sure you are working well with the technology, meeting compliance, and having a satisfactory user experience.  We’ve been there before, local IT support or the first cop in your department with a laptop is now the “IT Guy”.  CJIS Solutions’ staff bridges the gap so you’re not lost.    We’re here by phone, E-Mail, ticket, or text 24hrs a day, 7-Days a week, 365-Days a year – because so are you.

Contracts and Addendums

CJIS Security Addendums are made available to every agency hosting with CJIS Solutions regardless of product(s).  Additionally, CJIS Solutions commits to its compliance with the CJIS Security Policy as well as the IACP Guiding Principles of Cloud Computing via signed contract with every law enforcement agency it serves.  Because every agency has it’s own custom or specific needs, we tailor the contract to YOUR needs and not a broad stroke approach.

Products You Need at Prices you Deserve

We know what it’s like to have to make every dollar count. Our pricing is simple and reasonable.  Packed with value and features, we’ve designed everything in our suite of services to reduce the fight needed for city approvals.

CJIS Compliant Products for Law Enforcement's Technical Demands

2 Factor Authentication

Secure Devices - Authenticate Officers

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Protect Against Threats - Manage Internet Usage

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Cloud Computing

Custom Server Solutions for your every need.

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Cloud Storage

Infinitely Scalability with Ultimate Security.

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Colocation Services

The perfect home for your hardware.

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Data Backup

Secure Anything and Everything - Off Site.

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Domain Name Solutions

Domain Names, SSL Certificates, All in One Place.

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Email w/Encryption

A Must for Every Agency - Amazing Features.

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Law Share File Sharing

File Sharing That's Perfect for Every Agency.

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IT & Technical Support

Even the Police Need Help - IT Support that Keeps You Going.

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Mobile Device Management

Secure Law Enforcement Data in the Field.

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CJIS Solutions Means CJIS Compliance Key Areas Every Agency Needs to Ensure

Contractual Agreements

Detailed Contracts for the CJIS Security Policy & IACP Guiding Principles on Cloud Computing.

CJIS Security Addendums

Provided for CJIS Solutions and all Staff.


Annual CJIS Policy Training - 1 Year sooner than required.

Fingerprints and Backgrounds

Everyone with Logical/Physical access is printed and background checked.

Strong Encryption

FIPS 140-2 Encryption used at rest and in transit across all operations.


Physically access your data upon request. No secret hiding spots, we'll bring you right to it.

Robust Security

Hardened facilities with added CJIS Solutions security.

Access Controls

2 Factor Authentication and FIPS 140-2 VPN tunnels used by all staff.